Log of Garden Activities

May 2014 - Seeds, pots and soil bagged up and distributed to all students, in anticipation of Ordean East Garden Open House on May 20.

April 2014 - Grant received for $1000.  Bean seeds and pots/soil purchased for students.

December 2013 - Garden Club members make prototypes for the stepping stones for the garden

June 2013 -Amended the asparagus and raspberry beds with 2" of compost and the proper application of the pelletized chicken manure. Dug it in with forks.

-Dug trenches and planted about 60 asparagus plants. There is enough soil mounded up to continue the process of filling the trenches as the sprouts come along. Apparently this helps it to establish them well. Extra plants given to Mrs. STrom  to give to her students that helped with planting the asparagus and will have some knowledge about what to do with it once they get it home. 

-Measured 2 foot spacing and dug holes and planted all but 8 raspberry plants. Mulched with 2" of woodchips most of the raspberry bed that's been planted.

-Put in a rough terracing of the asparagus beds. Stakes will need pounding in.  

May 2013 - Mrs. Udesen led several work teams in assembling some of the raised beds. We have about half done.

April 2013 - $1,000 Grant received.  The club purchased beans, soil and pots for all Ordean East students to plant. Plans were made to have a garden Open House in May.