History of the Garden

Winter 2012-13 - Annette Strom (science teacher) and Deb Hannu (art teacher) attend a Duluth Community Garden workshop.  They came back from that meeting full of information and a desire to get our garden growing!  Deb and Annette reported to the Ordean East Middle School staff, and asked for interested parties to help with writing the application for the $5,000 grant.

March 2013 - The Garden Committee is formed of teachers and Jaime Zak of Duluth Community Gardens.  Ms. Hannu is the Coordinator, Ms. Udesen and Ms. Hannu are the Work Party Co-Leaders, Ms. Pavlisich and Ms. Strom are the Co-Fundraiser/PR Leaders, Ms. Veillet is helping with Co-Teaching Garden Work Days and Ms. Courage and Mrs. Kempf are the record keepers and website updaters.

April 2013 - Garden tools and equipment needed are identified for purchase.  Apple trees, raspberry plants, lime, seed starting soil and potting soil are needed.  $500 worth of topsoil (approx. 16-20 yards) will be delivered, 10 yards of WLSSD compost, and 10 bales of straw.  

June 2013 - Students from Mrs. Strom's science classes helped remove sod from various areas of the garden in preparation for the fall raspberries and asparagus plants. Mrs. Udesen and students hauled 4 x 4 lumber into the garden space to make borders and beds.  Next, the sod was turned and layers made to produce a "lasagna" effect.

We now have the layout of our project.  The dirt was brought in and laid out in the beds.  Mulch is ready to be spread.

May 2013 - Work Days Organization (Tuesday, August 27 – Thursday, August 29).  Come one, come all! 

-Drinking water jugs and lunch donations will be needed.  They will bring newspapers and cardboard for mulching. 

-Sheet mulching ingredients were determined.  A call was made for horse manure and bedding.  A poster board will be posted with the sheet mulch recipe for the work days.  The top layer of leaves will be collected via a one-day homeroom leaf collection challenge. 

-FYI Sheet Mulch Recipe from top to bottom.

-2 inches of leaves,2 inches of topsoil, 8-12 inches of stable bedding or other bulk organic material, 1 inch WLSSD compost, newspaper and/or cardboard (weed barrier), thin layer of horse manure, lime, slashed vegetation, soil surface, roots, cracks, moistened soil

-Jamie will connect with Facilities regarding hose bib hook up for use on the work days and the entry door access.  Will also order more (free) woodchips from the city when pile is used up. 

-Work Days To-do List:  Finish raised beds construction.   Sheet mulch the finished beds, weed, trench-over (asparagus), and mulch asparagus (straw) and raspberries (woodchips).  Bring rhubarb divisions and mulch it (newspaper and woodchips).  Plant remaining raspberry bed.  Plant apple trees.  Mrs. Strom to bring perennial divisions (on day 3) to plant bottom bed in a butterfly garden and mulch it.  

July 2013 - Garden beds are partially finished, thanks to Ms. Udesen and her husband.

August 2013 - Plans are made for a garden club here at school.  Thoughts for names..."Secret Garden Club?".  Mrs. Pavlisich and Mrs. Strom went shopping for garden tools. They wanted  to keep it local and made purchases at local hardware stores. Marshall's Hardware donated a wheelbarrow and it is an upgrade of what we looked at!  Donations were sought from area businesses.

Winter 2013-Spring 2014 - The Garden Club met throughout the winter, making stepping stones and plans for an event in May.