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After School Activities/Clubs

Buses pick up at 4:15

Homework Room - All grade levels. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:20 - 4:05. Monitored by Mary Gavitt and Ryan Feldbrugge.

Activity buses pick students up and take them home around 4:20.  Students sign in when entering the media center, and sign out on leaving.  At that time, students needing a bus pass should ask Mary for one.  Help with homework, use of the computers and media materials is available.

Video Announcements - All grade levels. Room 3139 Mon-Fri 8:00 am. Led by Mrs. Courage and Mr. Fillmore.

Students take part in being in the interesting morning announcements using WeVideo. Ability to read audibly and clearly are necessary. Students interested in only editing and creating the announcements are welcome as well.

Currently accepting applications through the end of September.  See Mrs. Courage in the library.

German Club - All grade levels.  Led by Ms. Lull.  Meets Mondays or Tuesdays

Knowledge Bowl - All grade levels. Let by Mr. Pokrzywinski. Tuesdays after school and practice during WIN on Wednesdays.

Boys Basketball - TBA
Girls Basketball
Watch for future updates.

Yearbook Club - All grade levels. Led by Ms. Lull.

Watch for future updates.

OEMS Chamber Orchestra - All grade levels. Led by Mr. Hoeschen.

Auditions Oct. 2 and 3
See Mr. Hoeschen for audition music.

ArcGIS Science Focus - Led by Mr. Teresi   Rm 2402
ArcGIS Geography Focus - Mrs. Teresi   Rm 2214

- We will be working with/looking at maps online.
- Gathering information, looking for patterns and/or posing a question(s) and looking for possible answers.
- Possibly creating a map(s) using information gathered.
- Exploring what jobs might use GIS.

We will meet on Mondays and possibly a second day (TBD)

Student Council - All grade levels. Led by Ms. Gilbertson and Mr. Mosely. Currently taking applications. Click HERE

Student Council is a representative structure for students to become involved in school affairs and serve the Ordean East student body, school and broader community.  Some fund raising is involved.

Science Fair Club - All Grade Levels. Led by Mrs. Strom.

Watch for future updates.

 Middle School Track - All grades - Led by Ms. Austin.
Spring 2017 - Monday, Tuesdays & Thursdays 
Look for future updates. 

Swim Team - All grade levels.  Led by Mrs. Bowen-Bailey, Ms. Krafthefer and Mrs. Teichrow.  Watch for future updates.