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Website Evaluation

The Internet is getting more information added to it each day.  No one committee or group reviews the accuracy of information posted on websites.  we have to be able to discern whether websites are valid or not on our own.  Use the following factors the help in this process:

Can you easily identify the author? (Check "About us" or "Contact us" on the home page.)
Is the author qualified to write about this topic? Do they have degrees/certification/credentials?
Can you find information on the site about the author?

Is the information on the page free of grammatical, spelling and typographical errors?
Are the facts similar to other sites and information that you have found?
Is the site easy to navigate?
Is there a bibliography or sources available that the author used to create his/her page?

Is the site trying to get you to buy something?
Are there ads for other things to purchase?  Are they clearly set apart from the informational areas?
Is there unbiased information?

Is the site current and up-to-date?
Has the information recently been updated?

Does the site include a table of contents or index?
Is there an indication that the site is under construction or completed?
Does this site inclue information that answers your need?

Check these sites out, using the above criteria, and decide whether they are legitimate, usable sites.